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Bun Khao Chi
In the third lunar month, Bun Khaochi (ບຸນເຂົ້າຈີ່--the offering of roasted glutinous rice to monks).  This ceremony had an origin in a story.  Maha Sila Viravongs told the story of a rich man's servant who tried to prepare some food to eat while she went to fetch some drinking water.  She spent the entire night pounding rice chaff from the grains.  Then, she tried to roll the cooked sticky rice into lumps to make it convenient for carrying.   While she was rolling the rice, it was sticky.  So, she spread the rice bran around the sticky rice.   Then, she roast the sticky rice wrapped in rice bran.   The next day, she wrapped the roasted sticky rice in the waist band of her skirt and went out fetching water.  On her way, she met with the Buddha and felt moved to offer something to the Buddha, but she did not have anything except the lowly roasted sticky rice.  She offered a lump of roasted rice, but she was feeling ashamed of herself.  The Buddha understood her thought.  So, he stopped and ate the roasted rice.  The servant girl was overwhelmed with joy.  Thus, Buddhists offer roasted sticky rice to the monks in the third lunar month.