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Bun Khao Kam
In the first lunar month, Bun Khao Kam (ບຸນເຂົ້າກຳ--monks' penance ceremony) in which monks take the vow of penance for any unconscious or conscious sins or violation of monk's precepts. This ceremony takes seven days and lay people tend to the monks' well-being by providing food and other necessary services. After the monks have been declared innocent of their sins or violations, a day-long sermon for lay people is held.   Before Laos adopted Buddhism in King Faa-ngum's reign, there was an ancient ritual of liang phii faa phii thaeng (ລຽ້ງຜີຟ້າ ຜີແຖນ-- giving a feast to the sky god and the rain god, Phya Thaen).   During the reign of King Phothisaalaaj who was a devout Buddhist, this ritual was abolished because the king thought it was against Buddhist belief.