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Bun Khao Phadapdin
In the ninth lunar month on the fourteenth night of the waning moon, Bun Khao Pradab Din (ບຸນເຂົ້າປະດັບດຶນ--the rite of placing foods on the ground) should be observed. People are required to prepare four sets of rice and food (main staples and desserts) in small banana leaf packets. The first set is for monks, the second for members of the family, the third for relatives, and the last for the dead.  This last set will be placed on the branches of trees or temple walls before sunrise. After that, the donors will pour water on the ground to dedicate the merit to the dead. Listening to a sermon all day is another activity that can be observed.  Maha Sila Viravongs again gives a story to tell the origin of this ritual.