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Bun Awk Wat Saa
In the eleventh lunar month, the end of the Buddhist Lent (ອອກວັດສາ ຫລື ອອກພິນສາ ຫລື ປະວາລະນາ) includes many important ceremonies: the torch lighting (lantern) ceremony; floating of the lit boats; boat racing to celebrate the Naga Kings' well-being; offering wax castles; offering monks' blankets, and beginning the Kathin ceremony.

Maha Sila Viravongs states that this ritual does not concern lay people.  Later, Lao people adopted some Brahman rituals and included them into this ritual.  In Brahmanism, the people would make floats and lanterns to worship Brahma, Vissanu, and Siva from the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month until the first waxing moon of the first lunar month.  After that they would float all the floats and lanterns in the river for cleansing off their sins and misfortunes.  Later, Lao people adopted all activities, changing the original purpose of the ritual to the worshipping of the Buddha and to thank the river goddess for providing water for human consumption.  In Thailand, people include one more activity in this ritual; Devo Rohana offering food to monks, and listening to the Devo Rohana sermon.