GOALS: The learning goals of this section are 1) to present the letter shapes of Lao consonants and vowels; 2) to learn interactively the three classes of consonants and their relationship to the 5 spoken tones of Vientiane Lao; 3) to note the tone changes in polysyllabic words; 4) to practice speaking the tone contrasts in a dialog; 5) to learn how to use a Lao dictionary.  

The Lao Alphabet
HIGH Class Consonants MIDDLE Class Consonants LOW Class Consonants
Polysyllables Dialogs Using a Lao Dictionary

In order to best view this site and its Lao Fonts, you will need to download the Lao New Light, Lao Phonemic, and IPA Fonts, then install them in your Windows/Fonts directory.

The Lao Writing System by  Arthur G. Crisfield and Arthur S. Recchi
Pacific and Asian Linguistics Institute, University of Hawaii  Honolulu, 1970

2002 SEAsite Laos.  The Lao Writing System