Tone Practice

Vientiane Lao has five tones

Low Rising High Rising Low Falling High Falling High Mid

Just For Fun: Click one of the five choices above to find out which box below belongs to it, then click the box to find out some of the words having that tone choice.

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The 4 written tone symbols

lao_tone_logo.gif (1262 bytes)

i_tone.gif (446 bytes)

mai_to_tone.gif (481 bytes)

mai_tee+tone.gif (557 bytes)

 mai_jatthawa_tone.gif (471 bytes)
Chart Showing the Relationship Between the 4 Written Tone Marks and the 5 Spoken Tones of Vientiane Lao

Click on each word to listen to the pronunciation

To listen to the whole chart, click here

No Written Tone Mark i_tone.gif (446 bytes) mai_to_tone.gif (481 bytes) mai_tee+tone.gif (557 bytes) mai_jatthawa_tone.gif (471 bytes) Listen
ກາ / kaa ກ່າ ກ້າ ກ໊າ ກ໋າ Listen
ເຈາ / caw ເຈ່າ ເຈ້າ ເຈ໊າ ເຈ໋າ
ດີ/ dii ດີ່ ດີ້ ດີ໊ ດີ໋
ເຕ/ tee ເຕ່ ເຕ້ ເຕ໊ ເຕ໋
ເບຍ/ bia ເບ່ຍ ເບ້ຍ ເບ໊ຍ ເບ໋ຍ
ໄປ/ pay ໄປ່ ໄປ້ ໄປ໊ ໄປ໋
ແຢ/ yee ແຢ່ ແຢ້ ແຢ໊ ແຢ໋
ໂອ/ ?oo ໂອ່ ໂອ້ ໂອ໊ ໂອ໋
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