Exercise  8: Reading Paraphrases




ໃນປ່າກວ້າງ ມີໝູ່ລີງ ຄ່າງ ຊ້າງເເລະ ເສືອ

 ຊ້າງດຶງເຄືອໄມເເລະ ໃບໄຜ່ໄດ້

ເສືອໄປໃສ ລີງ ເເລະ ຄ່າງຈະບໍ່ເຂົ້າມາໃກ້

ເພາະວ່າ ເສືອວາງທ່າບໍ່ດີຕໍ່ລີງ ເເລະຄ່າງ

English Translation:

In the wide forest, there are monkeys, languors, elephants, and tigers.

The elephants can pull vines and bamboo leaves down to eat.

Wherever the tiger goes, the monkeys and the languor will not come near

because the tigers do not display a good attitude when it comes to them.


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