Exercise  4 : Combination Consonants


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Table 1

  ເຮົາມີໝູ ແລະ ໝາ We have a pig and a dog.

  ຫູໜູຂີ ບໍ່ໜາ A little mouse's ear is not thick. 
ຫງ   ໝາເຫງົາ ບໍ່ເຫົ່ ໜູຊີ A sad dog does not bark at a little mouse. 
ຫຍ   ປ້າມີຜະຫຍາ ຈະບໍ່ເຜີຕົວ Aunty knows not to let herself be unconscious.
  ປ້າຊື້ຫຼາ ໃນປີສະຫູຼ Aunty bought a pole in the year of Salu (Lunar year).
ຫວ   ອາສະໄຫວ ຊື້ຫວີໃໝ່ Aunty Sawai bought a new comb.

Table 2

ກວ   ມາລາ ໄກວອູ່ ໄວໄວ Mala swings the hammock very fast.

ຂວ   ມາລີ ໄກວຂາຂວາກໍໄດ້ Malii can swing her right leg. 
ຄວ   ປ້າ ຄວາເອົາ ພ້າໂຕ້ Aunt takes the big knife quickly.
ຊວ   ນ້ຳໄຫຼຊວ່າ ທົ່ວໄຮ່ນາ The water runs through all over the ricefield.
ຕວ   ດີຕວ່າ ນາເຮົາ ມີນ້ຳ It's preferable that our ricefield has water.
ລວ   ພໍ່ມາລີ ມີມ້າ ແລະ ລວາ Malii's father has a horse and a donkey.

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