Exercise  31: Reading a Poem




Lao Map

ປະເທດຂ້ອຍ                       ເອີ້ນຊື່ເມືອງລາວ

ລວງກວ້າງຍາວ                    ສຸດຕາເຫຼືອອ່ານ

ນ້ຳຂອງຜ່ານ                       ໄຫຼລ່ວງລົງຄອນ

ເຮົາຊະອອນ                       ຫົນທາງສະອາດ

ປະເທດຊາດ                       ກວ້າງໃຫຍ່ໄພສານ

ເຮົາລູກຫຼານ                     ເກີດມາພາຍຊ້ອຍ

ພາກັນຊ່ວຍ                      ສ້າງບ້ານເມືອງລາວ

ໃຫ້ຍືນຍາວ                        ຈະເລີນກ້າວຫນ້າ

ບໍ່ໃຫ້ຫຼ້າ                            ຫຼັງບ້ານອື່ນເຂົາ   ແທ້ແລ້ວ


English Translation:  

   1. My beloved country is  called "Laos."

   2. It is so long and wide our eyes cannot measure it.

   3. The Khong River runs along the edge of the country.

   4. We are proud of our nice, clean roads.

   5. Our country is so huge and massive.

   6. As the new generation,

   7. We have to help develop our country

   8. to make it live long with great progress.

   9. And don't let our country be less developed than other countries.



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