Exercise  30: Reading a Poem




ໃນດ່ານດິນແດນພື້ນ             ນະຄອນສີສະຕະນາກ

ຍິນສະໜຸກມ່ວນແມ້ງ            ຄົນເຕົ້າອັ່ງໂຮມ

ພໍເມື່ອໝົດເຂດຟ້າ               ເດືອນດ່ວນລະດູຝົນ

ເດືອນສິບສອງເພັງພໍ            ໜ່ວຍພະຈັນໃສແຈ້ງ

ຝູງສ່ຳຊົນໄປໄຫວ້                ເຈດີພະທາດໃຫຍ່

ຈູດໝູ່ທຽນທູບໄຕ້            ບູຊາໄຫວ້ໜໍ່ພຸດໂທ  ແທ້ແລ້ວ


English Translation:  

That Luang (see the golden stupa in the picture above)

   1. In the land of Sisattanaak kingdom

   2. I hear happy sounds of people gathering all over.

   3. When the rainy season is over,

   4. The night of the twelfth lunar month comes with the brilliant full moon.

   5. Crowds of people come to pay homage to the big stupa, That Luang.

   6. The candles as well as incense sticks are lit as an offering  to the Buddha.



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