Exercise  29: Reading a Poem




ແມງວັນບິນໄປເລື້ອຍ            ຊອກບ່ອນຫາກິນ

ບິນໄປຈັບຂອງຄາວ             ເນົ່າເໝັນທັງເປື້ອນ

ຕີນພັດຫຍຸມເອົາໄດ້           ແນວບໍ່ດີຫຼາຍຢ່າງ

ບິນມາຫາແປດເປື້ອນ          ພາເຂົ້າເຄື່ອງກິນ  ແທ້ແລ້ວ


English Translation:  


  1. Flies fly all around looking for a place to find food.

   2. They land on all things rotten, smelly, and disintegrating.  

   3. Their feet have touched many filthy things.

  4. Then they fly to contaminate our food, for sure.



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