Exercise  28: Reading a Poem




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ແນວນົກນ້ອຍ               ຍັງຮູ້ເຮັດຮັງນອນ

ຄືກັບຄົນທັງຫຼາຍ          ທີ່ມີເຮືອນເຊົາໄວ້

ຍາມເມື່ອກາງເວັນນັ້ນ   ນົກໄປຫາເຫຍື່ອ

ຕາເວັນຕົກຄ່ຳຄ້ອຍ       ຈຶ່ງບິນເຂົ້າສູ່ຮັງ

ເຮົາບໍ່ຄວນທຳຮ້າຍ        ເຮືອນຮັງນົກຢູ່

ນົກຮັກຮັງບ່ອນຊົ້ນ      ຄືແທ້ດັ່ງຄົນ   ນັ້ນແລ້ວ


English Translation:  

Refrain from Destroying Bird’s Nests

   1. Even little birds know how to build a nest,

   2. Like us, all people have houses to dwell in.

   3. Little birds go to find food in the daytime.

   4. And fly back at sunset.

   5. We should not destroy birds’ nests.

   6. Little birds love their dwelling nests just like we do our houses.


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