Exercise  27: Reading a Poem




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ໂສ້ງ ສິ້ນ ເສື້ອ                  ເຄື່ອງນຸ່ງຂອງຖື

ຕ້ອງຮັກສາອະນາໄມ       ໃສ່ສະບູແລ້ວໄລນຳ

ພືໃສ່ແສງຕາເວັນໄວ້         ທັງລົມກໍພັດຊ່ອຍ

ຍາມເມື່ອມັນເຫືອດແຫ້ງ    ຈຶ່ງນຳໃຊ້ຫົ່ມຄີງ   ແທ້ແລ້ວ


English Translation:  

Wash Your Clothes Frequently

1. Pants, Tube skirts, Shirts, and all kinds of clothing

2. must be clean; wash with soap and rinse them out with water.

3. Then hang them outside; the sunlight and the breeze will help to dry them   

4. When they are completely dry, you can put them on your body, for sure.   



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