Exercise  25: Reading Paraphrases




ເມື່ອຝົນຕົກ ກົບຮ້ອງເອັບເອັບເໝບຢູ່ຫຼືບຂອນ

ປ້າອົບປູກໝາກຂຽບໝາກບວບ ເເລະ ໝາກເເປບ

ລຸງລັບຈັບປືນເເກັບ ສຸບເກີບ ເຂົ້າປ່າຕຶບໄປຢາມກະທີບ

English Translation:

When the rain comes, the frog cries "Eb Eb," hiding under the log.

Auntie Ob plants apple custard trees, Chinese squash, and green peas.

Uncle Lab takes a gun and wears sandals entering the dense forest to visit "Kateep."


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