Exercise  17: Reading Paraphrases




ພໍ່ຂອງວັນດີ ມີຄວາຍ ເເລະ ໝາຫຍຸຍ

ເພິ່ນລ້ຽງຄວາຍໄວ້ເເກ່ໄ໗ ລ້ຽງໝາຫຍຸຍໄວ້ເຝົ້າເຮືອນ 

ໝາຫຍຸຍຈະເຫົ່າເຕືອນໃນເວລາ ມີຂະໂມຍມາເຮືອນ

English Translation:

Wandee's father has a water buffalo and a fluffy dog.

He raises the water buffalo for plowing and the fluffy dog for looking after the house.

The fluffy dog will bark in order to warn when a thief comes.


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