Exercise  11: Reading Paraphrases




ມາລີ ພານ້ອງໄປເບິ່ງຊ່ວງເຮືອ

ພໍໄປເ໗ິງທ່າກໍມີເຮືອຊ່ວງສອງລຳ ລ່ອງນ້ຳລົງມາ   ເຮືອລຳໃດກໍໄວ.

ເເຕ່ຍັງບໍ່ຮູ້ວ່າໃຜ ຈະໄປເ໗ິງທຸງໄຊໄດ້ ໄວກວ່າ.

English Translation:

Malee takes her youngers sisters and brothers to the boat racing festival.

When they get the place, they see many racing boats floating down along the river.

Each boat is very fast.

But they do not know which one will be the fast enough to win.


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