Exercise  10: Reading Paraphrases




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ເວລາ ນ້ຳຂອງ ນອງມາໃໝ່ ນ້ຳໄຫຼຊຸເອົາ ຂີ້ເຫຍື້ອ ລ່ອງລົງມານຳ

ນ້ຳໄຫຼເເຮງ ຈຶ່ງທັ່ງ ເອົາໄມ້ຍູງ ໄມ້ຍາງ

ເເລະ ສິ່ງຂອງຕ່າງ  ໆ ລົງເເກ້ງ.

English Translation:

When the Khong (Mekong) River overfows with new water, the current takes all debris down river. 

Because of the strength of the current, it can take the "yuung" logs, and "yaang" logs and all kinds of things into the river.


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