Exercise 3: Reading Sentences

The following employ many rhyming syllables to assist you in reading with phonemic awarenes. The meaning of many of the sentences, however, turns out to be a little strange, if not meaningless.  These sentences are closer to tounge-towsters than to practical utterances for everyday use. 

Please click on the speaker icon to listen to the pronunciation.

ມາລີ ເອົາເປ ເກາະແຈຝາ Malii takes the cradle and hangs on the wall at the corner.

ບົວພາ ມີກະປິ ເຝີຈະນົວດີ Buapha has shrimp paste.  The noodles will be tasty.

ສາລີ ເຕະຕໍ ຈະຕີ ເປັຍເປັຍ Salii kicked a stump herself.  She hit it with the sounds  "pia pia."

ມາລາ ມີຂໍ ຈະເກາະ ຫູເຈຍ Mala has a hook; she will hook it to the bat's ear.

ເສືອ ຈະຕົວະ ງົວຂາເຄ The tiger will lie to the cow with a broken leg.

ສຸນີ ເກີກະ ເວລາຈະທາເປຶອ Sunee is clumsy when she applies the oinment.
ອາສໍຫາກະແຈ ແປະແຈຝາ Uncle So looks for a key along the wall at the corner.
ຈະໄປໃສ ຖືໄຊ ແລະ ໃບບົວ Where are you going with the fish trap and the lotus leaf.
ເຮົາ ແລະ ເຂົາ ໄປ ເອົາຮຳ He and I will go to get bran. 

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