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Lao Intermediate Reading contains Lao and IPA Fonts.   To view Lao and IPA characters on this website,  please download:
bullet Lao New Light Font
bullet IPA Font

For viewing in Netscape Browser, go to menu bar "View", then select "Character Set" and click "User Defined."

bullet Reading 1: Pictures and Texts from Learning Lao for Pathom 1, Text Book by Pingkham Siisuwan, Saengchan Phommiichai, and Miithong Suwanwichai.  Edited by Khamphai Siisawan and On-kaew Muanmawong.  Ministry of Education of Laos, 1999.
bullet Reading 2: Lesson 1-12: Texts from Lao Legends, SEAL Project (Southeast Asian Learners Project), Lao translation by Dang Moua.  Lesson 13-20, texts from The Collection of Fables for Teaching Lao at SEASSI, 1987, by Ong-art Thepviman, Kittavong A-nathithada, and Chanthavong Vongprachan.
bullet Reading 3: Mother's Beloved by Outhine Bounyavong, English Version edited by  by Bounheng Inversin and Daniel Duffy. 



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