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Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute at the University of Wisconsin, Madison: June 18 through August 10, 2007

The Center for Southeast Asian Studies is pleased to announce that we now offer  Foreign Language Area Scholarships for the study of Khmer.

About Fonts       

    To view and use these pages, you will need to download and install two SEAsite Khmer fonts: SEAsite Khmer1 and SEAsite Khmer2 and the IPA font for phonetic pronunciation guidance.

Click below to download these fonts. They are for Windows only.  Save them in your \windows\fonts or winnt\fonts or similar directory.


Khmer2 IPA

When they are saved, they should automatically install and work in your browser.  If not, please check the various suggestions here

Khmer vowels and subscripts may sometimes appear slightly out of their correct position.  If you experience this problem, please try another browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer).

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