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Journal of Southeast Asian Language Teaching
Volume 14, 2008

Tech Connect

In this section of JSEALT we include links to sites that COTSEAL members have found to be useful in their work.  We encourage you, our readers and members, to notify the editor of sites you would recommend for inclusion. You can email your Tech Connect suggestions and recommendations to

Media Resources for Teachers

 Modern Language Association (MLA) Language Map

This site provides searchable database from the 2005 American Community Survey (ACS) about the thirty languages most commonly spoken in the United States. The new data, compared with data from Census 2000, provide a snapshot of recent changes in American language communities. You can search for the data of number, ages, and percentage of speakers of each language in a particular geographic region, state and even a zip code. The SEA languages in the data are Hmong, Lao, Khmer, Thai, Vietnamese, and Tagalog.

 Of related interest from MLA site is a report on the Fall 2006 survey of enrollments in Languages Other Than English in United States Institutions of Higher Education, Fall 2006.

 Scola “On the Street” Video

SCOLA  ( is a non-profit, educational organization that has been broadcasting news and cultural programming for use in the language classroom for the past 20 years. Presently SCOLA broadcasts on six channels via the Internet and satellite, offering material from over 100 countries in over 90 different languages.

“On the Street Video”  is SCOLA’s new online feature, presenting video clips of everyday people in everyday situations.  At present the SEA languages featuring in this series are Indonesian and Malay. SCOLA is planning to add Thai.

 SEA Digital Library  (SEADL)

This is the site of the Southeast Asia Digital Project which provides free access to archives of textual, still image, sound, and video resources, covering both historical and current information from Southeast Asia. This is a project of  a consortium of institutions from around the world, administered by Northern Illinois University (NIU) Libraries.

Of interest are:

 Southeast Asian Publications

This section includes links to online publications from and about Southeast Asia, particularly those relevant to the study of Southeast Asian languages and cultures.

PERSEE website of French "scientific journals in social and human sciences" 

Full text PDF of some 50 journals are available. The site is accessible in both French and English. A full list of journals can be found at  

Details on two journals of particular interest to SEA scholars are

·        Bulletin de l'Ecole Française d'Extrême-Orient
95 issues,  3058 articles (1901 -1998)

The BEFEO is a peer reviewed journal which annually publishes high level
scientific research either in French or English and which focuses on Asia –
from India to Japan – in all the fields of Human and Social Sciences. It is
one of the oldest and most internationally renowned journals in Asian studies.

·        Cahiers de Linguistique – Asie Orientale
51 issues,  481 articles (1977 -2002)

The Cahiers de Linguistique – Asie Orientale (CLAO) is an international
journal for the scientific study of languages in the Far East. Based in Paris
at the Centre de Recherches Linguistiques sur l’Asie Orientale (CRLAO,
EHESS-CNRS), it appears twice a year and is internationally refereed as an A -
class journal.









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