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Journal of Southeast Asian Language Teaching
Volume 13, 2007


Editor's Page


Dear Colleagues, 

With this issue, we bring you a new section of JSEALT, “….in the Classroom.”  This section continues the theme of the column “What Works in the Classroom” that appeared in our hardcopy journal for many years.  In this issue, “Poetry in the Classroom” is the focus of our two articles.  Quyen Di of the University of California, Los Angeles writes on his uses of Vietnamese poetry to teach specific aspects of the Vietnamese language.  Huda Fakhreddine and Ahmad Al-Mallah of Indiana University present a communicative approach they have used for teaching language through poetry in their Arabic language classrooms.  Both of these articles are full of ideas that language teachers and students will find stimulating in the teaching and learning process.  The focus of this new section in future issues might includes such topics as “Games in the Classroom,” or Maps, Directions, or Songs.  We look forward to receiving submissions from you of short articles describing activities or approaches you have used in your language classrooms.

You will also note that we now have sections editors for some of the components of  JSEALT.  We would like to encourage you to contact these individuals directly with your ideas and submissions to their respective sections.  These section editors include Rhodalyne Gallo-Crail, JSEALT Book Review and Book Notes editor, as well as the moderator of our Forum section; Thomas John Hudak, our Multimedia Review editor; Erlin Barnard, our Events Calendar editor; and Yuphaphann Hoonchamlong, our Tech Connect editor   We encourage you to email them with information on events, ideas, and activities or with specific submissions of reviews.

Finally, we have added a section, Language Resources, in which we will publish citations on articles, hardcopy journals, or other references that Southeast Asian language teachers may find useful in their work, study, and research.  And please do send in citations on your own recent articles, books, or multimedia publications. 

We at JSEALT look forward to hearing from you soon!

Carol J. Compton





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