9. The Resignation
of King Dasarata

Ramawijaya and Sita  arrived in Ayodya safely. They lived in a very beautiful palace. Rama and Sita were very loyal to King Dasarata and they respected him very much. They also loved their brothers although they had different mothers.

One day, there was an envoy who came from Kaikeya, the country of Barata's grandfather. He asked Barata to come to his ancestor's land. King Dasarata gave his permission to Barata. He ordered Barata to go there, accompanied by Satrugna. Rama and Sita sadly let their beloved brothers to go.

King Dasarata felt that his old age has arrived. He wanted Ramawijaya to succeed him on the throne. Before making a decision, he asked for his people's opinions. In front of the people of Ayodya, King Dasarata announced his intention to retire.