8. Bagawan Ramaparasu

Ramaparasu, also known as Jamadagni, while meditating received a powerful bow from god. For the excellency of his soul in the heaven, he must killed by this bow. So that, he travelled to many places to find  somebody who could lift up his bow and shoot him to death.

He had met many people but none of them was strong enough to lift the bow. Ramaparasu had heard that Rama won the competetion in Mantili. Because of that, he wanted to see Rama.

After meeting Rama in the    jungle, Ramaparasu asked Rama to kill him using his own bow.  If Rama could not lift the bow, he must be willing to be killed by Ramaparasu. Rama agreed to the request. The sacred bow was lifted and bent. The bow was shot directly at Ramaparasu. His body became weak and a moment later he died as he had wished.