37. Hanuman Was Set On Fire

Hanuman was taken into the palace. Rahwana was very angry when he saw the creature who had destroyed his garden. But he was surprised by the fact that this monkey could speak like a human being. Rahwana asked him the reason why he ransacked his garden. Hanuman answered that he was an envoy of Rama who was searching his wife, Sita, who was kidnapped by Rahwana.

Rahwana could not withhold his anger. He wanted to kill Hanuman, but his brother, Wibisana, stopped him. Wibisana argued that Hanuman was an envoy of a King, so it was not right to kill him. He must be sent back to his King. Furthermore, the problem was created by Rahwana himself by kidnapping Rama's wife.

Rahwana was furious. He expelled Wibisana from Langkapura. Rahwana ordered his giant troops to burn Hanuman at the city's square. The giants tied Hanuman on  piles of woods. Then they burned the woods. The fire was raging. However,  Hanuman was not burned, instead he managed to free himself.