35. Hanuman
Met Sita

Hanuman was convinced that this must be the princess Sita, Rama's wife. While sitting down on a branch of an angsoka tree, Hanuman sang a song. He sang a song about Rama, starting from his eviction to the Forest of Dandaka with Sita and Laksamana, then Sita's kidnapping by the Giant-King Rahwana, the misery of Rama in his search for his wife, Rama's meeting with Sugriwa, and finally Rama's decision to ask Hanuman to be an envoy to search for Sita in Langkapura.

Sita was so surprised when she listened Hanuman's song,  that she thought she was dreaming. Hanuman then stepped down from the tree,  paid his respects to Sita, and finally introduced himself as an envoy of Rama. At first Sita did not believe him, so  Hanuman showed her Rama's ring. Seeing that ring, Sita was convinced, and her desire to meet Rama increased. Her hope became greater and greater after she heard that Rama had gotten support from the King of Monkeys, Sugriwa, to strike Langkapura.

Before Hanuman left her, Sita gave him her hair pins to take to Rama as a proof of her loyalty and faithfulness.