30. The King of   Kiskenda

Sugriwa was freed from the danger. However, when he saw Subali's body, he felt very sad.  Even though their rivalry was so savage, when Sugriwa saw the death of his brother, he could not hold back his tears. 

With tears in his eyes, he held Sugriwa's body tightly. When Rama moved closely to him, Sugriwa thanked him for his help. Sugriwa then asked Rama to be the King of Kiskenda, but Rama refused that offer. Rama said that he needed to fulfill his father's order to be exiled to the jungle. According to Rama, it was Sugriwa who deserved the throne.

Rama asked Sugriwa to adopt   Anggada, the son of Subali, and also to marry Princess Tara, Anggada's mother, and   appoint her Queen. Sugriwa stated that he would comply Rama's orders. Then he knelt to pay his respect to the Ayodya warriors. All of the monkeys joined in what he was doing.