26. Sugriwa

Rama and Laksamana were surprised when they saw that the white monkey could speak like a human being. Hanuman told them that his king, Sugriwa, had been evicted from Kiskenda Kingdom to Pancawati forest by his own brother, Subali. Hanuman asked Rama to help Sugriwa to return to his throne.

Rama was willing to help Hanuman. Then Rama told him about the purpose of his journeys, which was to find his wife who had been kidnapped by the giant-king Rahwana. Guided by Hanuman, Rama and Laksamana travelled to Pancawati Forest. As the guide, Hanuman walked in the front, followed by Rama and Laksamana. Hanuman leapt from one tree to another.

When they all arrived in a jungle, Rama was feeling thirsty. He asked Laksamana to get some water for him. From a tree, Laksamana saw water dripping down. He tapped it with a bamboo tube. Eventually that water was Sugriwa's tears; he was sitting up on the tree as an hermit.