24. Searching for Sita
part 2

Rama and Laksamana continued their journeys. They arrived at the bank of a pond where they rested. The water was so clear that the fish became visible. Many varieties of fish were swimming in that pond.  They had various colors: golden, red, blue, white and grey. Shrimp, crabs, and turtles  also inhabited that pond. Blooming red and white lotuses lay on the water surface of the pond.

While Rama and Laksamana enjoyed the pretty scenery, a crocodile was on the lookout for them. Its mouth was opened wide, ready to strike. But those two warriors were well trained, and they were ready to face any danger. When the crocodile attacked, Rama and Lasamana jumped and turned themselves away to dodge him.  Then, they killed the crocodile easily.

It turned out that the crocodile was a reincarnation of an angel cursed by god. Now this angel was freed from the curse and flew back to heaven. She thanked those two warriors for freeing her.