23. Searching for Sita
part 1

Even though Rama and Laksamana knew who kidnapped Sita, they did not know what and where the kidnapper's country was. The two warriors then began their journey, searching for Sita. They climbed high mountains and passed steep cliffs.

Suddenly, a strange looking creature came from the bushes. His face was like a giant with two heads, and one of those heads was on his stomach.

That giant attacked Rama and Laksamana. It was very difficult for Rama and Laksamana to fight him because the place was covered by bushes and  tree's root blocked the ground. Rama stepped back and shot that giant with his arrow. The arrow stuck the giant's chest. Suddenly, the giant was transformed into a god. Rama and Laksamana came up and knelt before this god.

This god then told them a story. He was cursed by Lord Siwa to become a giant with two heads. He thanked Rama for shooting him, causing him transformed back into a god.