20. Rahwana Kidnapped Sita

Sita heard Rama's screaming for help. She asked Laksamana to go to help her husband. At first, Laksamana did not believe that Rama was in danger because he knew that Rama was a skillful warrior. Furthermore, Laksamana did not want to leave Sita alone because Rama had told him always to take care of her. Sita became angry and accused Laksamana of wanting her.

Envious, Laksamana left Sita alone. He asked her to take care herself. A moment later an old sage arrived, walking unsteadily because he was so thirsty. He asked Sita for a glass of water. Sita gave him some.

But this old sage soon became Rahwana, a giant-king with a horrible face. Rahwana stated his intention to marry Sita, but of course Sita rejected him.  Rahwana could no longer be patient. He kidnapped Sita and flew away. Sita screamed frantically and tried to free herself, but Rahwana’s hands were too strong. Rahwana flew back toward Langkapura.