15. The Adventures of Rama and Sita

After Barata left to  Ayodya, Rama, Sita, and Laksamana continued their adventures. They visited temples, conducted ceremonies, and chanted. They said prayer for Lord  Indra, the master of cloud, wind, and rain; Lord Agni the master of fire, Lord Kuwera the master of prosperity; Lord Wiwasata the master of blue sky; Lord Bayu the master of wind; Lord Waruna, the master of ocean; and Lord Yama, the master of the death.

Rama, Sita, and Laksamana   also visited several hermits and asked for their suggestions and insights for the perfection of life.  They also met  Bagawan Agastya, a powerful sage.  In their adventures they also encountered with some giants who disturbed the villagers.

One day, they met Wirada the Giant who wanted to kidnap Sita. But before he had succeded in his intention, Rama's arrow has penetrated his chest.

Besides killing the ferocious giants, in their adventures, Rama Sita and Laksamana also protected the villagers. As a warrior, Rama always wanted to devote his life to humanity.