14. Barata and Satrugna Visited Rama

When Barata and Satrugna heard that their father had died, they returned to Ayodya. At the same time they were also sad because Rama, Sita and Laksamana were living in the jungle. When Barata was about to be inagurated as the new King, he rejected it. Furthermore, he planned to go to the jungle to ask Rama to come back to the palace and to be King.

Based on Bagawan Wasista's directions, Barata and Satrugna succesfully found Rama, Sita, and Laksamana. Barata desperately asked Rama to come back home and be a King, but Rama refused it. He would follow his father’s order, which was to live in the jungle for fourteen years. Instead, Rama told Barata to go back to Ayodya and take care of the empty palace.

Barata and Satrugna returned home. With him, Barata brought Rama's sandals to be put on the throne as a symbol that he governed representing his brother, Ramawijaya.