13. King Dasarata’s Sadness

King Dasarat felt very sad after he was left by Rama, Sita, and Laksamana. In the night he could not sleep because he remembered his own experience when he was young. Then he told Kausalya about his experience:

"Kausalya, when I was young, I was very skillful in archery.  One night, I drove my chariot along Serayu River. During that time, there were a lot of animals like elephants, tigers and deer who were drinking at the river. Without seeing the animal, I could shoot it with my arrow by only listening to its sound. One day, I heard a noise then I shot it. Shortly after I realized it was not an animal, but a young man. In pain, he asked me to bring his container which was full of water to his blind parents. Then he died because of my arrow."

"I brought the container to his parents. They were very thirsty. Then I told them about the incident and asked them for their forgiveness. Those old couple told me that they were able to see my future. They said that one day I would feel the sadness of being left by my beloved children."  After telling the story, King Dasarata passed away.