12. The Adventures in Dandaka Forest

King Dasarata felt very sad when Kaikayi demanded that Rama and Sita leave the palace and live in Dandaka forest for fourteen years.

King Dasarata did not know what to say because the preparation for Rama's inauguration to be a King was finished. Then, the next day in the early morning he asked Rama to see him. When he met Rama, he could not speak his mind.

Then Kaikayi ordered Rama and Sita leave the palace and go to Dandaka forest to live there for fourteen years. Rama was comppsed listening this order. As a warrior, he would follow any order from his father, however difficult it was.

Rama asked permission from his father to leave. Still with composure he told Sita about the order, then they prepared to leave the palace. With tears from the palace officials they went to Dandaka Forest. Laksamana, who loved his brother very much, accompanied them.