11. The Demand of Kaikayi

There was a palace official named Mantara. He was the servant of Queen Kaikayi and the sitter who had cared Prince Barata since he was very young. He persuaded Queen Kaikayi to ask King Dasarata to take back his decision in nominating Rama to be the King. He also persuaded her to demand the King to choose Prince Barata instead.

At first Queen Kaikayi was not persuaded. However, after quite a while she became jealous about the nomination of Kausalya's son. One night King Dasarata found Kaikayi was sobbing. Dasarata felt sad and asked her what made her sad.

Kaikayi soon reminded Dasarata about his promise to choose Barata as the incoming King. When King Dasarata had proposed to her, he promised to elect Kaikayi's son to be his successor. Because of that, Kaikayi demanded the King to cancel his decision to elect Rama as the King. Hearing the Kaikayi's demand, King Dasarata became very sad.