10. People's Support

After hearing King Dasarata's announcement, the people and the officials gave their support. They thought that their King has been spending his mind and energy for the country for quite long time. It was time for him to retire. They asked the King who would succeed him.

King Dasarata announced his decision to choose Ramawijaya as the new King. With high enthusiasm, the people and the officials of Ayodya stated their agreement. After hearing that, King Dasarata was touched by their sincere responses.

However, he still asked them why they supported his decision to choose Rama as the next King. All of the audiences cheered Rama. For them, Rama had proven his courage to defend the people, helped them when they needed, and always kept public order. For them, Rama was a real hero who used his skill at war to defend the people. King Dasarata was touched by the love of the people of Ayodya for Rama. Then King asked the people to prepare an inaguration ceremony for Rama to be a King.