4. Bagawan Wiswamitra

Bagawan Wiswamitra lived far from Ayodya city. His visitation to Ayodya that day was intended to ask for help from the King to chase away the giants who disturbed the villagers' life. That situation had been hapenning for quite a while. Giants from Tatsaka disturbed Bagawan Wiswamitra's monastry as well as villages sourounding the monastry. They caused damage to the villager's fields and stole their cattle. If they were not able to find any  livestock, they catched the villagers and ate them.

The villagers had attempted to fight against the giants. But since the numbers of those giants were much greater than that of the villagers, they always failed. Those giants became more and more vicious.

After listening to that story, King Dasarata became sad. He ordered his sons Ramawijaya and Laksamana to stop the giants from causing misery to the villagers.  Ramawijaya and Laksamana, accompanied by the Ayodya troops, went to the battle. The arrival of the Ayodya troops was responded to violently by the Tatsaka army. However, the Ayodya soldiers fought those giants courageously and they won the battle. In the battle, the King of Tatsaka was killed by Ramawijaya.