3. The Birth of Ramawijaya

King Dasarata had three wives, named Kausalya, Kaikayi, and Sumitra. Kausalya had a child named Ramawijaya, Kaikayi had a child named Barata, and Sumitra had twin sons, Laksamana and Satrugna.

Ramawijaya was a skillfull, noble warrior. He was very amiable.  Even though his actions appeared graceful, he was a master of weaponry, especially the bow. He trained himself very hard, and his skill was much greater than that of other knights.  It did not matter how big a bow was, he could bend it easily. No matter how far the target was, he could shoot it accurately.

Ayodya's army was extremely strong and numerous and contained several squadrons of cavalary soldiers. Elephants were also used in wars. One day, there was a priest who visited Ayodya by the name of Bagawan Wiswamitra. Since Prabu Dasarata respected religious beliefs very much, the arrival of Bagawan Wiswamitra was welcomed with great honor.