Day 7. Leftovers

On your day of rest, you can learn some more handy words and phrases that don't fit into any of the other categories. 

If you can keep up with the pace, within one week you will be more functional than the average expat is after two months of slaving over phrase and grammar books. Have fun and don't forget to practice.


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Vocabulary Day 7
Tidak apa-apa. It doesn't matter. (Literally means "nothing". Handy when someone is apologizing profusely.)
Maaf. I am sorry. (If you want to apologize profusely.)
Permisi. Excuse me. (To get someone to move out of the way or to get someone's attention.)
Hati-hati! Careful
Awas! Watch out!
[Jam | pukul] berapa? [What time is it? | At what time?]
[Jam | Pukul] dua [At (two) o'clock. | It is (two) o'clock] (insert number)
Tolong, bawa (teh). Please bring me the (tea) (insert noun).
Satu lagi. One more. (works well for beers.)
Tambah lagi? Do you want more?
Habis. Finished.
Minta bon. Bill, please.

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