WB01338_.gif (869 bytes)  PERSILAT: The International Pencak Silat Federation

The site provides information on Pencak Silat, one of traditional martial arts in Indonesia, and the International Pencak Silat Federation. It also has links to several famous Pencak Silat clubs.


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WB01338_.gif (869 bytes)  http://www.silatindonesia.com/

This is site of Indonesian pencak silat community. It provides rich information and discussion on various streams and organizations of pencak silat, current events, and profiles of silat masters.

WB01338_.gif (869 bytes) PSSI: Persatuan Sepakbola Seluruh Indonesia

The official Indonesian soccer association page. The page is dedicated to soccer in Indonesia. You can learn the history of soccer in Indonesia from this page. Also you have the information of clubs in division I, the match results, statistics  and Indonesian soccer news.

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