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Balinese music emphasis on interlocking.  Usually, different groups of player play different short melody/rhythm pattern simultaneously to create a complete musical phrase.  The following example is an excerpt from a Balinese Gamelan music entitled Bebranangan

In Bebranangan, the main melody phrase is divided into three sections.  Each section has only two notes.  These two notes are played repeatedly with a specific pattern in cycle.  Each section has a different rhythmic pattern. Three different groups of player are assigned to play these three sections, in which each group plays a different section.  If these sections are played individually, they sound simply like a rapid rhythmic pattern.  However, when these three sections are played together, they form a complete melody phrase.

Click to listen to these different sections.  You need RealPlayer Audio System to play all music clips in this web page.  Download free RealPlayer form RealNetworks.

40-40-80.gif (1007 bytes) Section 1: A two-notes rhythm pattern, with gongs and drums.

40-40-80.gif (1007 bytes) Section 2: Another two-notes rhythm pattern in different pitches, with gongs and drums.

40-40-80.gif (1007 bytes) Section 3: The third pair of two-notes rhythm pattern in different pitches, with gongs and drums.

40-40-80.gif (1007 bytes) All Three Section Together: Section 1, 2, and 3 are played together, with gongs and drums, to form a complete melody phrase.  Listen carefully, you can distinguish three different sections. 

40-40-80.gif (1007 bytes) Listen to the complete Bebranangan

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