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Balinese Gamelan Music  
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Like Javanese gamelan music, Balinese gamelan music is a percussion-dominated musical ensemble.  It is also known as a gong-chime musical ensemble.  This musical ensemble consists of bronze gongs, metallophones, cymbals, and a time-beater.  In Balinese Gamelan, there are more metallophones than gongs.

Balinese Gamelan music is in cycle, or in musical terms, ostinato.   Usually the music will repeat over and over, until the drummer give a signer to end the performance.  Also the music often performed in interlocking style.  For more information, please read Javanese Gamelan Music in this page.

NIU Gamelan Ensemble directed by Dr. Han Kuo-Huang, has often performed Central Javanese Gamelan and Balinese Gamelan music.  The following Balinese Gamelan music were performed by NIU Gamelan Ensemble on November 15, 1998.

40-40-80.gif (1007 bytes) Pendet (complete, 5:15)

40-40-80.gif (1007 bytes) Bebranangan (complete, 3:30)

40-40-80.gif (1007 bytes) Angklung Kebyar (complete, 4:32)

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