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Balinese Gamelan Angklung     

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Balinese Gamelan music is very similar to Javanese Gamelan music.   The music is in cycle too, however, it is usually faster.  One of the characteristic of Balinese gamelan music is that, it has a lot of sudden changes in tempo and dynamics.  Like the Javanese gamelan, the instruments in Balinese gamelan includes metallophones and gongs.  However, there are more metallophones than gongs in Balinese gamelan.  The metal keys in Balinese metallophones are ticker than those of Javanese.  These Balinese metallophones produce very bright sound.  Another characteristic of Balinese Gamelan music is the used of cymbals.  These cymbals create fast rattling sound that usually cannot be found in Javanese Gamelan music.

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