Canting method           
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The batik artist draws designs on a length of cloth using the wax that flows from the canting's tiny downward-curving spouts.   The waxing process using the canting method is usually performed by women who first lightly block out the main elements of the design in graphite or charcoal.

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Picture credits : Dr George Henry

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Picture credits : Dr George Henry

Canting workers usually sit on the floor or mats in front of bamboo frames having horizontal rails.  In order to protect the workers from the dripping of the hot wax, they always have a napkin on their lap. The canting workers will dip the copper head of the canting into the wax and draw designs in the fabrics by taking a piece of material in the palm of her left hand.  The waxing process is repeated on both sides of the cloth to ensure that the pattern will be well defined.   True batik is reversible.