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Tarsier at Tangkoko National Park


The capital of North Sulawesi is Manado. The indigenous people of this province are the Manado and Minahasa people. The province has a vast amount of coconut plantations fringed along the coastline. For that reason, North Sulawesi is called "Bumi Nyiur Melambai" or "The Land of Waving Coconut Palms."

There are many places that can be explored and enjoyed in North Sulawesi, such as diving and snorkeling in Bunaken Sea Garden, climbing to the top of mount Klabat in Airmadidi, and seeing the "Waruga," ancient stone graves in Sawangan Village.

The Islands of Talaud and Sangihe are part of this province.



Traditional heritage of North Sulawesi

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Source: Wallacea Dive Cruise


Central Sulawesi is originally known to the coastal dwellers as the Loinang.  The capital city is Palu.
Beside the native people, in this province also live the Javanese and the Balinese, who originally came as transmigrants.
         Lake Poso and Lake Lindu are located in this province. The Lore Lindu National Park which covers 2,300 square kilometers lies in the southeast of Palu.  Other interesting places in this province are the historical site of the settlements of travelers from the Neolithic age along the Karama River.


Traditional heritage of Central Sulawesi

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Tongkonan (The Torajan's Family House)


The capital of South Sulawesi is Makassar, formerly called Ujung Pandang. This town was established on April 1, 1906. This town has the biggest and busiest seaport in the Eastern Indonesia area. 
           South Sulawesi is the hometown of the ethnics Makassar, Bugis, Mandar, and Toraja. 

Tanah Toraja has a unique burial ceremony. Corpses are not burried, but are placed in caves on the hills. These corpses are accompanied by statues that resemble the deads. During the burial, many buffalo are slaughtered. This makes the burial is very costly.      


Traditional heritage of South Sulawesi

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Moramo Waterfall


The capital of this province is Kendari. The indigenous people of this province are the people of Tolaki, Morunene, Buton, Muna (locally called the Wuna), and the Bajo. In addition, many other ethnic groups reside here, especially the Balinese who come as transmigrants.
This province includes the islands of Wowoni, Butung, Muna, Kabaena, and the Tukangbesi.
An interesting attraction in Muna is male horse competition. The winner is awarded a female horse. This attraction draws many tourists to this area.  


Traditional heritage of Southeast Sulawesi

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