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There are two types of Gender:

goldbullet.gif (1007 bytes) Gender Barung

goldbullet.gif (1007 bytes) Gender Panerus

Unlike the Slentem which plays the melody part, the Gender instruments usually play the elaboration part, to enrich the melody. The resonator, the metal bars, and the mallets are all smaller than those of Slentem. However, each Gender has fourteen bars.

The Gender instrument are also tuned to either Pelog system or Slendro system. Gender Panerus is pitched an octave higher than Gender Barung.

Two mallets are used for the Gender instruments. The mallets are similar to those of Slentem but have a smaller disc head and a much shorter wooden handle. During playing, the player need to hold a mallet in each hand. Because of this, the player needs to use various parts of the hands to damp the sound. While striking on two metal bars, the player needs to damp other two as well.

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