MERAH PUTIH, the first film of the Freedom Trilogy, a three-film co-production by PT Media Desa Indonesia, owned by Hashim Djojohadikusumo, and international film production company Margate House, Ltd., owned by Rob Allyn and Jeremy Stewart. Set against a historically authentic backdrop of Indonesia’s struggle for independence in 1947 during the Van Mook offensive into the heart of republican territory in Central Java, MERAH PUTIH tells the story of a fictional band of freedom fighters who bond together as cadets to survive a massacre, fighting on as guerrilla soldiers to become true children of the nation, despite their sharp conflicts and deep differences in social class, ethnicity, geographic origin, religion and personality.

Directed by Yadi Sugandi, Indonesia’s most celebrated cinematographer and Director of Photography for LASKAR PELANGI, UNDER THE TREE, TIGA HARI UNTUK SELAMANYA and THE PHOTOGRAPH, MERAH PUTIH features an all-star ensemble cast of Indonesia’s most talented young actors: Lukman Sardi (LASKAR PELANGI, QUICKIE EXPRESS, 9 NAGA, GIE), Donny Alamsyah (FIKSI, 9 NAGA, GIE), Darius Sinathrya (UNGU VIOLET, D’BIJIS, NAGA BONAR JADI 2, LOVE), Zumi Zola (KAWIN LARIS), T. Rifnu Wikana (KADO HARI JADI, LASKAR PELANGI). The film also stars Astri Nurdin and introduces London-and-Hollywood-trained actress Rahayu Saraswati.

Shot in 35-millimeter film, MERAH PUTIH gathered a topflight team of special effects and technical experts with experience in Hollywood films: British Special Effects Coordinator Adam Howarth (SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, BLACKHAWK DOWN), Stunt Coordinator Rocky McDonald (MISSION IMPOSSIBLE II, THE QUIET AMERICAN), Make-Up and Visual Effects Artist Rob Trenton (BATMAN - THE DARK KNIGHT), Key Armorer John Bowring (CROCODILE DUNDEE II, THE MATRIX, THE THIN RED LINE, AUSTRALIA, X-MEN ORIGINS:WOLVERINE) and First Assistant Director Mark Knight (DECEMBER BOYS, BEAUTIFUL).

Cast & Crew
Yadi Sugandi (Director/Sutradara)
Sastha Sunu (Editor/Penyunting Gambar)
Thoersi Argeswara (Music Director/Penata Musik)
Iri Supit (Art Director/Penata Artistik)