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Family Tree

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  Indonesian Version
Introducing the members of the Mursidi Family and the relationship among the family members. The words in the passage are explained in the vocabulary section. Clicking on the underlined blue  words will show the meanings of the words.  After checking the meanings of the words, go back to top of  the passage by clicking on the "back" button. Click on the blue words in  the vocabulary section to listen to the pronounciations of the words.
  English Version        The English version of the family story.
  Flash Card
  Matching Quiz
These games can help you to memorize words related to the family tree lesson.

   Quiz 1          

There are four questions in the quiz. In question 3 of  the quiz, 'Benar' means True and  'Salah' means False.
  Quiz 2 There are three questions in this quiz. Follow the instructions and click "judge it" when you are done with a question. If  the answer is correct, it will show a green box . If the answer is wrong a red box will be shown. Clicking on "Show answer" will show the answer to the question.