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Kasim, Adi, and Siti are Mr. and Mrs. Mursidi's children. Kasim is fourteen years old, Adi is eleven and Siti is nine. Kasim, Adi  and Siti's paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Harunsyah.   Mr. and Mrs. Sumitro are their maternal grandparents because they are Mrs.Harunsyah's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Sumitro live in Surabaya. Kasim, Adi and Siti are the grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. Sumitro and of Mr. and Mrs. Harunsyah.

        Mrs. Mursidi has a younger sister. Her name is Ayu. Ayu is Kasim, Adi and Siti's aunt.  Ayu is a teacher in Sekolah Dasar. Mr. Mursidi has a younger brother named Abdul and a younger sister named Dewi. Dewi is the children's aunt and Abdul is their uncle. Abdul is a teacher in a high school and Dewi works in an office in Jakarta.